ENG221 Değerlendirme Kriterleri


  1. Non-documented Essay: Non-documented essay (400-500 words) will be written in class. 
  2. Midterm: Students will have a multiple-choice test based on ENG221 pack.

  3. Final Paper:

    a. Students will have three in-class tasks:

    – introduction (5 points for completion)

    body paragraphs (5 points for completion)

    conclusion (5 points for completion)

    b. Students will submit their final paper by January 4th within the working hours of the instructor. They need to prepare a documented essay (600-800 words) (35 pts). In addition, they have to upload their paper to TURNITIN by January 4th, and if they do not, they will not get any points. If they upload but they have more than 30% of similarity score, they will not get any points either.